“Natural” Parenting

I am a part of a huge circle of moms that are doing thing differently–I’m raising my baby as naturally as I can. My way of parenting consists of nursing often (for nourishment and comfort), bed sharing, dressing my daughter in natural fibers, allowing her to begin solids on her own terms, holding her or wearing her as often as she likes (which is quite often), giving her non-toxic and simple toys to play with, and following her lead throughout the day. This way of parenting doesn’t seem different to me, it feels instinctual, and, indeed, natural.

I’ve always been a little secretive, but I have a lot to say, and I hope that I can help some other moms to feel less lonely on this exciting but often criticized parenting path. I’m never quite sure how people feel regarding a lot of the choices that I’ve made, but luckily my husband completely supports me and our families, unlike many, are open-minded. It was my mom who first influenced me on this path by giving me a book of home birth stories to read when I was in high school, and also by staying home to raise my sisters and me in a very natural way herself. Thanks Mom!

Right now my little 5 month old daughter is standing in my arms on our Medieval looking dark wooden table that my dad hand-crafted in high school, babbling along to The Beatles “White Album” while wearing her little Aristocrats wool longies and a cotton tee embroidered with a little pink elephant.


2 responses to ““Natural” Parenting

  1. Society is ass backwards. “Normal” has morphed into bottle feeding, jarred baby food, and crying it out.

    I’m glad another baby is lucky enough to have a natural mama! 🙂

    Welcome to blogging and keep up the good work!

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