Possibly on the Verge of a New Movement

From here on out I plan to search for handmade products first, before buying from larger companies. I’ve been suspecting, and hoping, for a few years now that there may soon be a rebirth of the arts and crafts movement of the late 1800’s, this time with an emphasis on eco-friendly crafts. I want to support people who are making beautiful, quality, handmade goods–that are also non-toxic and natural–so as to help push the movement along.

Art and crafting has been my career goal for quite some time now–ultimately since I was just a little girl attempting to create my dreams and private worlds. In art school I decided that I wanted to make things from home, from start-to-finish, completely in control. I knew that creating from home would pose a challenge to the selling of my works, but as my professors assured me, it is very possible. I’m not sure if I’m imagining a new arts and crafts movement because it would fit perfectly my path in life and, surely, help me along, or if some events over the past few years do seem to actually bear out this happening: Etsy.com opened, for instance, and the struggling economy sure hasn’t disparaged a more grassroots mindset. To me it truly does seem that more people are becoming concerned about the environment and, what with social networking taking off, it’s easier than ever to connect with and support like-minds. So, it seems to be real, or at least it’s on the verge of being. Hopefully it will become very real indeed.

Fae is playing with my lace shirt that she always seems to find–no matter where I put it.


2 responses to “Possibly on the Verge of a New Movement

  1. exactly! we’re in the process of removing all chemical, cleaning, and even person hygiene products that were store bought and replace them with homemade, natural things. So far so good! (My husband even came up with a toothpaste I like! After a couple failed attempts- I’m picky about my toothpaste!) Etsy is a great resource for all things homemade! Next week I’ll be doing some posts doing reviews on a couple etsy retailers (laundry soap and facial moisturizer!). I too hope we’re on the verge of going back to the area we never should have left- non-toxic and natural!

    • I’m excited to read your reviews! The past few years we’ve replaced everything with a natural version, but a lot of it is still from larger companies found in grocery stores. I’ll deffinitly be interested in some etsy moisturizer, and more.

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