Fae, Breastfeeding


8 responses to “Fae, Breastfeeding

  1. it’s so beautiful and special. Mine are all done now (*sniffle*) and I only got to do child-led weaning with my oldest. With my youngest two they each developed different things that led to double infections and lacerations and blah, blah, blah. But I’m stubborn and would continue until my hubby would persuade me that I couldn’t do it anymore. With #2, #3 was on the way and they were just barely healed in time to nurse him. With number three, I cried and cried. It’s only been a couple of months (he’s 20 months), and every once in a while he will lift up my shirt and pretend like he’s going to nurse (I’ve told him he could). He just smooshes his face on my breast and then laughs when I ask if he wants to nurse. I think it was more heartbreaking for me than him. I am always thankful when going through photos that I have nursing ones. So precious. Keep goin’, mama!

    • Nursing is deffinitly one of my most favorite things. It’s just amazing, and unlike anything else. I totally agree that it’s so nice to have photos. I’m sure that this period of time will fly by so fast, and I’ll be left missing all those moments that used to consume a huge part of my day. I also look forward to being able to show them to Fae in the future. I’m sure she’d like them, maybe because she’s a girl. I wonder if I’ll fine her nursing her dolls (or stuffed animals if she’s like me). Although, if there’s a boy in my future I’ll be sure to take tons of photos too, but I’m assuming they’ll be more for me. I don’t know. I have no experience with boys–I can only assume that mine would like swords and dragons–but who knows.

      • you might find your boys have dragons who also nurse. haha! My oldest had a monkey he took everywhere, and we have pictures where he pulled his daddy’s shirt up because his monkey was hungry.

        • Aww, I love that! Amazing. That may be the cutest little boy story I’ve ever heard. It just made my night–that and the fact that Fae is deeply napping in the kozy carrier, so I’ve gotten to take some time to enjoy some wine, actually taste it, instead of taking big sips between entertaining her. Oh, and I spiked her hair into a cute little mohawk after her bath, and it stayed. So cute.

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