Yes, My Life has Been Magical Lately

I know not everyone would agree with me, but my life has been magical lately. People could actually laugh. It looks pretty chaotic and even scrimpy from the outside. But, then, it has been.

After going to two art schools and ending up with a degree in Fashion Design, I decided to focus on getting married, becoming pregnant, and raising a baby. My ultimate plan has been to work from home while raising a family, making handmade dresses, lingerie–anything beautiful and sexy. But, without having the focus I needed, and not having extra money for the crazy start-up costs of beginning a business, I waited until it became more realistic, which just recently happened (I talk about that here and here).

For starters, I’ve begun to make, along with other things, a cloth diapering system. And it sounds absurd, but this will indeed turn into making dresses and scandelous lingerie, in time.

So, back to the magic in my life: I have yards and yards of organic, natural wool, left over from my senior fashion “utopian” collection, which happens to be the exact type of wool that I would have chosen for my perfect cloth diaper cover fabrics (I wrote about my fiber choices and why in this post). And, sentimentally speaking, the money that I used to buy my senior collection fabric was left to me by my Pepere, an amazing man. In fact, he and my husband (also absolutely amazing) have many of the same interests and qualities (loving classical music, intellect, loving red wine and black russians, and more besides I’m sure, though easier to see were my Pepere still with us today).

Some other little magical things: we saw a huge shooting star on a walk a couple of evenings ago (I thought for a moment a comet was about the slam into the earth–I tend to imagine the extreme first), and it was while we were talking about our exciting near-future. We’ve been noticing a ton of little connections everywhere. Since our car is awaiting repair, we walk just about everywhere (a habit that we’re going to continue) and just found out yesterday, as we walked by it, that a grocery store is opening up within a mile from us (we usually shop at a local market, but it’s tiny and doesn’t carry everything we need), so we will no longer need to routinely drive–which Fae absolutely hates. This also helps with our aspiring to live more eco-friendly. The weather has also been unusually mild all winter, helping the walks with Fae, and now, strangely, I already have a little tan. All of the walking and entertaining my baby (I can’t count how many laps I’ve bounced her on my back, in the mei tai carrier, around our big wooden table to get her to nap lately) has allowed me to confidently bikini shop–something that I was unsure if I would ever be able to happily do after having a baby.

So yes, my life has been magical. We’re constantly caring for our wild little baby and don’t get much time in each day, and definitely not much sleep. I’ve managed to destroy our apartment (getting rid of anything that’s not either beautiful or useful), and we picnic on the floor because the table turned into my workspace. But we’re so happy. I have a goldmine of organic fabric, a business in-the-works that I’m totally passionate about, and everything is just working out beautifully, like it usually seems to when I feel I’m really living.

Fae is asleep on my back, in the carrier, and my legs are still aching from the effort of making it happen. I have no idea how the insides of my thighs are sore from this. I always thought that area was almost impossible to work out.

I also find my naked and sleeping daughter quite magical.


8 responses to “Yes, My Life has Been Magical Lately

  1. This made me feel happy (and JEALOUS, I wish I didn’t have to work outside my home so much). Also, I LOVE your pictures!!! Do you have a fantastic camera? And do you do some sort of effect? Or do they just look that way naturally?

    • I wish I had a fancy camera! I’d have so much fun, although paying for film to get developed would leave me with rolls and rolls hanging out in the fridge. Maybe it’s better that I don’t. I’ve just been using my digital and found some awesome editing software in Picasa. I’ve always loved how Holga photos came out, especially color film, and I love love love the look of photos from the 60’s. I totally romanticise everything. Thanks 🙂

  2. My favorite part about this post is how CONTENT and HAPPY you sound. Something I aspire to for sure! Keep it up – you’re life sounds amazing and definitely magical.
    p.s. We need to get together soon!

    • It’s been rough and great at the same time. Mainly because things have just sort of been falling into place for us, and I’m so excited to be working at something again. I’m deffinitly really happy.
      If the weather stays this hot maybe we’ll be meeting up at the beach soon!

  3. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

    I just wanted to say thank you for reading my recent post! It makes me feel good knowing that my thoughts and words are being read. 🙂

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