Do Sheep Get Wet?

My mind has been overwhelmed by wool–wool, cotton, hemp, snaps, thread and cloth diapers. I made my first wool soaker sample, tested out the fit on Fae, adjusted my pattern, graded the sizes, and now I’m about to make my first, real, wool soaker. I came up with a three-size system for the soakers that will (most likely, I still have some testing to do) fit from birth through toddler-hood. I have pages and pages of measurement, fit, and sizing notes in my sketch book–along with some animal line drawings that will be put to use as well. All of the math that I’ve been doing in order to achieve what I consider to be the perfect fit has been so refreshing. I know, math doesn’t seem refreshing, but with all of the whining, yelling, and screaming Fae does, largely for the attention of the kitty but merely for fun too (we got what we hoped for: a willful, confident baby with a strong personality) a few quiet moments of algebra feels really nice.


This is Fae in the first wool soaker sample, before adjustments. She’s between a size small and medium–this is a medium over a trifolded prefold in a cover.

During our evening walk the other night I said to Jared that I don’t think sheep get wet–in the rain. With all the thick, twirled wool fibers covered in lanolin, how could they possibly? He thinks they may, and asked me if I thought dolphins get wet. I think sheep would need to be submerged in water, or be in a heavy, heavy rainfall. I wish I had some sheep. I’ve wanted some for a while now. Jared and I have pictured moving to Ireland, and at least there our neighbors could possibly have some. I’d be knocking on their heavy wooden door to ask if I could, please, pretty please hang out with their sheep, in their lush, green, stone-walled yard–with my little daughter. Then I could find out if they do, truly, get wet. If you know, I’d love to hear.

Sheep Drawing by Melissa Naiad

Fae is sleeping on my back again in the mei tai carrier. Lately, that seems to be the only way that I can get anything done.

I just googled “do sheep get wet” and the first sites that popped up answered to “why do sheep not shrink in the rain.” That made me smirk–sheep, shrinking in the rain.


7 responses to “Do Sheep Get Wet?

  1. I have never thought about that…but I’m guessing they don’t? Unless they fall in a lake or something. It only makes sense, right? I have no idea, now I will always wonder!

    I love that you find algebra refreshing 😀

  2. Sweet cover. I started sewing an knitting covers a couple of years ago and find it incredibly addictive. I wish I knew more moms who used them on their babies because I have a LOT (not to mention a trunk full of cut up and felted old sweaters just begging to be converted).

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