A Little Out of the Loop

My husband and I don’t have cable. Not that we don’t think it would (occasionally) be nice to have. We’ve gone back and forth. To sit down and relax to a show, almost any show, that didn’t have to be chosen first from out of the overwhelming content on Netflix, wow. Realistically however, when we’ve had cable in the past we’ve, like most people I’m sure, complained about it (nothing interesting at low volume, bad commercials obnoxiously loud). So, we’ve been living without it for a year now, and it’s been fine, actually great most of the time. We also don’t listen to the radio, not since our car’s been on the mend. I’m sure many people are in our situation; with internet tv, mp3 players, it’s easy to slip out of the loop.

Maybe I’ve done it intentionally. I’ve always ignored the news. The world I believe is a better place than it’s portrayed there. I’ve always fantasized living simply: taking care of my family, making things, working from home, and every day relishing nature. I guess birthing Fae, having some car troubles (among which we count Fae’s new hate for her seat within), and all of my new-found mom-motivation has driven my hopeful way of life solidly into sight.

Having a baby that keeps me going constantly has snapped me into a habit of being, well, very productive. To clarify, “productive” meaning taking care of my baby almost every minute of the day of course, but using her naps and Daddy-time for patternmaking, research, sewing (inching towards that simple-life ideal), and a bit of blogging, and somehow squeezing in some dish-cleaning and laundry (although, not enough of the latter). I like my priorities, however: family, making things, housework.

I am indeed out of the loop in some ways, but I do feel a much better sense of community locally. Maybe that’s more important, to me at least. We walk to the local shops every day to pick up what we need. Fae said “hi” to a man walking behind us last night, and answered “I’m good, thanks” to a group that asked how we were doing a couple weeks ago. She didn’t really say those things, but that’s what her babble sounds meant. She often surprises us like that. Fae also gets excited when we walk by dogs (big kitties). They LOVE her, and they come right up to her. Not so strange perhaps, but I used to notice animals always coming up to me, even chipmunks, but now they’re more interested in my daughter. And Fae, as I’ve mentioned before about our cat, gets more excited over animals than anything else–except her Daddy growling into her neck. She loves our daily walks, and my husband and I especially do. It gives us more time to connect. Last night he asked me how I was doing because we haven’t gotten a chance to talk much lately. Then we laughed, realizing, we talk ALL THE TIME, about everything. Communication is one of the awesome qualities of our relationship. I’ve just been monopolizing most of our conversations by talking about what I’m making and how excited I am. Nothing really deep.

I’ve always loved change. I guess becoming parents has made it easier to create (or handle) some other little beneficial lifestyle changes. Now we’re closer to our community, even if just slightly, but definitely closer to nature.

Fae is sitting between my legs, eating (or I should say–hickying) my thight. She’s not hungry–she just nursed while sitting on her island that I made her (a padded area lined with 3 bags of laundry and 2 pillows, so that I can type without her flinging herself over and getting upset), she just likes trying to eat me. I can’t count how many times she french kisses me in a day.


4 responses to “A Little Out of the Loop

  1. We live with coin-operated laundry and you can imagine the piles upon piles of laundry accumulated in the corner of our bedroom.

    People may not understand that running around with an early walker isn’t ‘easier.’

    Baby trumps a sparkling home 🙂

    • I agree. We have coin-op too. It’s such a hassle, and it’s in the basement, so whenever I have enough quarters for a load I have to lug the laundry, and Fae, down two flights of stairs. I’m finding uses for the filled laundry bags though–baby blockades.

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