My Mom is My Rock

My mom has been my rock throughout my whole life. Honestly, my mom is just so grounding, and because of this it’s always been easy for me to be confidant and independent. I’ve always felt rooted in myself, and in life–not rooted as in “stationary” (I’ve moved around quite a bit, something I imagine would have been challenging had I not felt so grounded) but rooted in the sense that everything always seems ok, and good, even during times when life has been tough. I’ve always been able to feel positive, to know everything will work out. And I’m so thankful to my mom for this.

I’m not sure if she even knows how influential she’s been to me in this way. She knows that I think she’s the greatest, that I admire and respect her, and that I love our close relationship. But I don’t think I’ve ever told her how wonderfully grounding she is. Perhaps it’s because I’ve grown into someone similar. I didn’t even realize this about myself until my husband told me that I was his rock. I’m just so grateful to have such a strong and secure mom, and I’m hoping to fill this role for my baby daughter as well.

I’m about to experience my first Mother’s Day. I’m excited to celebrate my mom, as I always am, but now I’m to be included in the festivities. We’ll be drinking some champagne and toasting mom-life. Full of joy, I’ll be admiring my daughter, and feeling so completely greatful that I have this sweetest baby girl, and the best mom in the world.

Here’s my mom with seven day old Fae.

And here’s me with 7 day old Fae.

Fae is playing with my hair, twirling it around in her little fingers, as she nurses into a nap. I love it when she plays with my hair. It’s like a nice little head massage, and so relaxing. She actually loves it when I brush her hair too. She makes this sweet little meditative face, while almost cringing in anticipation.

12 responses to “My Mom is My Rock

  1. I am speechless. Being someone’s Mom has been the best, most important and enjoyable thing I have ever done. You are amazing and that precious little girl is in the right Mumma’s arms. I love you both!

  2. This is beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to one of my beautiful cousins. And to my second cousin, Happy “first” Mother’s Day to you. I remember, with joy, how wonderful it was to become a Mom. One of life’s wonderful gifts. Bless you both, and your little darling girl, and your sweet husband. ❤

  3. How awesome that you can share this with your mom!
    I worry sometimes that I’m just too much of a basket case for my kids to be able to look back on me and be able to say something so wonderful. I wish i could be just like my mom!

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