Beautiful Blogger Award

After a busy weekend making some exciting plans with my husband that we won’t speak of until they’re 100% real–just in case they may be jinxed or something–I found that I was awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award by Healthy Kids Happy Mama. How incredibly sweet. My blog has somehow become so intimately entangled in my life, and so personal. It always feels really rewarding to me when I can see evidence of my readers.

Thank you Andj, of Healthy Kids Happy Mama.

In receiving this award you’re asked to nominate six of your favorite blogs to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award as well. So, here are six of my current favorites.

Babushka Mama

Bipedal Madness


Balancing Love, Art, and Baby

Labor of Wonder

A Real Food Lover

Thanks again Andj, and everyone else who reads my posts.

I have a napping Fae on my lap (not much of a surprise) and a napping kitty next to us. These naps are so peaceful to me.

9 responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. How sweet! Thanks so much for the award. I love reading your blog. I have been SOOO busy lately that I barely get time to post, so I’ll try to say more about this in the future. 🙂

  2. Wow, thank you for the nomination. I really do appreciate that. Such a lovely blog award too. Your blog is beautiful, that’s for sure. I always come away with a smile!

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