Sweet Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs on Rice with Roasted Garlic and Avocados

Jared and I are pretty routine with what we eat. We have a handful of meals that we cook regularly and that seem to change with the seasons. We do try new foods now and then, but usually find ourselves going back to our staples, which we only occasionally add to. But this makes it easy to eat only real and natural foods at home, and without much thought and planning. We already have so many things going on that the basics of life have had to become just that–basic. Maybe it frees up our minds a little more. In any case, we eat simply, but we make absolutely tasty, enriching meals that feel good to eat.

Following is a recipe for one of our current favorite meals. It’s super-healthy and easy to make–It’s become so routine for me that Fae now has a little before-dinner nursing time. And, it complies with some specific diets that people may be following: Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Paleolithic, and Real Food. I’m not a vegetarian, any more that is.  Jared eats gluten-free, but I still eat some bread. We’re attempting a Paleolithic diet, but with dairy added in (high-fat and fermented dairy). We do eat a Real Foods diet. I guess I’d call our “diet” Lacto-Paleolithic Real Foods.

Anyways, here it is, along with my process for making it:

Sweet Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs on Rice with Roasted Garlic and Avocados

This makes a nice big meal for the two of us, with a little extra for our little one (Fae LOVES sweet potatoes and avocado). It takes me about 45 minutes to prepare and cook.

The ingredients are 1 large sweet potato, 1 cup rice, about 6 eggs, 1 head of garlic (about 1/2 is used), 1 avocado, and butter (or clarified butter, or coconut oil).

Have ready a cutting board, peeler, knife, roasting dish or pan, a lidded pan for rice, ramekin for roasting garlic, frying pan, and some wooden spoons.

I pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees F, place about 3 tbsp of butter in the frying pan to melt for the potatoes and garlic, and then I peel and chop the sweet potato.

Next I put the potato pieces in the roasting dish (a dish where they’re snuggled, but not heaped), and place the head of garlic in a ramekin. I drizzle most of the butter over the potatoes, and pour the rest over the garlic. Then the frying pan goes back on the stove-top (turned off) to later use for the eggs. I salt and pepper the potatoes.

I then put the potatoes and garlic in the oven. The garlic will take about 15 minutes or a touch more, the potatoes about 35.

I put water with a tab of butter on the stove-top to boil; when it’s boiling I add rice and stir the potatoes.

This is where I usually get about 10 minutes to nurse or play with Fae.

I then, when its ready, take the garlic out of the oven, stir the potatoes again, and slice the avocado. I pre-heat the frying pan to about medium and add some butter for the eggs. I crack about 6 eggs in a bowl, whip them up, and pour them into the heated pan. While slow-scrambling the eggs with a wooden spoon, I start removing cloves from the garlic head and slice them (again, we use about half). I mix the garlic into the rice when it’s finished cooking.

I take the potatoes out of the oven and plate our meals–rice, eggs, potatoes on top, avocado on the side; and season it with a salt, pepper, garlic, turmeric, and oregano mix.

That’s it. It’s one of our favorite meals–very filling and tasty.

It’s a dark, rainy morning, and Fae’s on my lap playing with Daddy’s foot as he reads.


2 responses to “Sweet Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs on Rice with Roasted Garlic and Avocados

  1. Just wanted to tell you that we tried this recipe the other night for dinner.. and it was DELICIOUS! SO yummy.. Thanks for posting!

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