Container Homes

As part 2 of my last post, Straw-bale, Cordwood, and Earthbag Homes, I’ll mention the fourth green building option that I’ve found–shipping containers. They come in various sizes, and there are many ways to combine them together for more space. The inside can be coated with natural materials to make it cozy. And large porches made from one of the container’s sides–some can even rise from a crank like a draw-bridge–are common. So it may even be possible to make a moat!–bringing me one step closer to castle-like living.

Shipping container cabin for a family of 4 via

One of the benefits of shipping container homes is that they’re portable and easy to add additions to, which could make it a good option for us. These homes often appear a little too industrial, for me at least, but there are some out there that feel warm and inviting. There are possibilities. And re-using something unattractive to create something beautiful and useful is a nice prospect.

Shipping container home via

Side view of above shipping container home via

Our plan seems even more real now that I know of some low-cost, green, and easily sustainable home options. We’re not sure which method we’ll end up using, and there’s even the possibility of remodeling an old stone home, or even an old wooden barn. We’ll let the land decide, and keep our minds open in the mean time. What we do plan for is an eco-friendly home that we can live in off-the-grid (not meaning away from culture, but literally off-the-grid of powerlines). And this makes me feel a tiny bit closer to achieving our ideal lifestyle.

Shipping container artists’ residence with a living roof at Cove Park via

Fae is sorting through the clean laundry, naked, on the floor. We just took a nice family shower, which always seems to be followed by nude play-time in the living room. She loves sorting through piles of things.


11 responses to “Container Homes

  1. What a great idea! I may have to share this with my husband… but do I dare? He may start designing our container home tonight. haha

  2. Don’t overlook earthship housing. I visited a couple of homes like this in Colorado. Interesting ideas, but in winter they’d be hard to get in/out of due to the location. However, that would offset the near zero utility bills!

    • Thanks for the idea. I’ve heard of them, and seen a few (not any very attractive ones). I’ll have to do a search to see if I can find any that I feel are beautiful–I’m sure they’re out there.

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