In Transition

*This blog post marks the beginning of this blog, “Naiad and the Moon of.” All previous content has been transferred over from my previous blog, “Going Coverless.”

Recently I’ve been devoting my time (what little I have) to creating an Etsy shop, the first of a planned two actually. It’s called Fae Arbor and will hold natural baby and childrens’ items (fashion, accessories, toys, and my cloth diapering line) inspired by nature, myth, and magic.

My second shop (which is to be called Naiad and the Moon of) also inspired by nature, myth, and magic–but subsequently influenced by nomadic, tribal, and ancient cultures–will contain adornments with meaning (purposeful fashion and accessories).

I’m using natural materials for both shops including wool, cotton, hemp, silk, leather, crystals, bone, metal and wood. And it’s leading somewhere wondrous.

Me and my sweet daughter, Fae.

Fae is napping on my lap, as usual when I write, and the pre-storm wind is wildly blowing our sheer golden curtains about.


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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