Graham Hancock, and Learning from the Ancients

My husband and I recently came across an alternative historian, Graham Hancock, while searching for documentaries on youtube about Atlantis–I love myth and ancient secrets. It can all be so inspiring.

Graham believes our civilization has amnesia, that we’ve forgotten, ignored, and/or misinterpreted our true history–and that feels true. He mentions how we’ve lost our connection with Spirit; at least that’s what Shamans (hugely respected by Graham) all around the world say–and I believe that as well.

At the 2012 Conference he spoke of his theory of how the Great Pyramid of Giza had probably been designed and built as a way to prepare for the Duat (the ancient Egyptians’ underworld), not as a burial tomb. Apparently the Egyptians actually spent their lives preparing for what was to come next.

Another interesting theory of his: the Great Sphinx could date back to around 10,500 BCE, an important date in history for Graham (see his youtube videos or his book “Fingerprints of the Gods”). For those who are unaware, the sphinx gazes directly at the sun during the dawn of the Spring Equinox, and in 10,500 BCE he would have also been gazing directly toward his celestial counterpart, Leo, in the stars.

I’m bringing this up because I believe there’s still so much to be learned from the past. It amazes me that there was such an advanced (aligning structures astronomically even today would be daunting) civilization so long ago, and, with Graham and his colleagues, I too believe that what we’re told about our past may be entirely mistaken.

One of the many things that I’m taking from Hancock’s discoveries and theories is to have purpose and meaning in everything. Not only everything I do, but everything that I own, and absolutely everything that I make. I do feel that we’ve become disconnected, even a little disillusioned. I’m going to keep searching for meaning, connection, and even more beauty–as I always have.

Graham Hancock’s Website:

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