The past couple months have been wildly transitional. It’s as though my husband, Jared, and I have experienced an awakening of sorts. Not surprisingly though, ever since our daughter has been born (and even before) we’ve been questioning everything–lifestyle, parenting, history, spirituality–in search of meaning, and simply to find what fits best for us.

Not only has our lifestyle undergone changes, but our perceptions have as well; and we’ve recently become fascinated by certain ancient religions and alternative histories, and aspects of both that pertain to a theory of cyclical time (as opposed to linear time). We, like many of us I suppose, are hoping for a return of the golden age, and want to best learn how to do our part to bring it about–ecologically . . . philanthropically . . . holistically.

And now it’s as though we’re beginning to get answers. And I’m excited. We don’t know where this next year will take us (Fae’s second year of life), but we have a path to follow, and our hearts are in agreement. We won’t be overlooking anything meaningful, instead we’ll try to remain incredibly aware.

Jared and Fae in August

Fae is playing with “Awakening Osiris, The Egyptian Book of the Dead” on our living room floor–and I didn’t plan it to be ironic.


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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