Autumn Equinox

The equinoxes and solstices, four of my favorite days of the year, get me thinking about ancient civilizations. I envy how the whole tribe would be celebrating, and in such a connected-to-the-Earth way. I’ve told Jared that when we have land to build on I want to align our home to the stars. I want meaning. I crave that connection–to the sky, the Earth, and to something profoundly majestic.

It seems like the ancients may have had it right. Or at least had something that we don’t–an incredible connection to the world, spirit, and their ancestors. That’s certainly been lost along the years, or become faded. I’m hoping to find a version of that ancient connectedness for my family.

My daughter celebrating with a brass goblet.

Fae’s sitting on the floor at my feet looking ridiculously girly–dressed in shades of pink.


9 responses to “Autumn Equinox

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  3. I love your connection to the ancient past Melissa, and perhaps it’s not so far away, either. Also so valuable for us to connect with the seasons and the turning points of the year.

  4. It would be so wonderful to slow down the pace of life, to be more fully present and more in sync with the subtle rhythms of nature, celebrating its extraordinary shifting and ever changing shades of beauty.

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