Arcadian, Treasury

Etsy Treasuries are a new thing for me, as is the handmade, vintage, and supplies website A “treasury” is a gallery of 16 items on Etsy. I love to curate these, due to my impulse to create collections of carefully selected things that communicate a bit of my world. I also enjoy spreading the love to other artists and crafters. And this could possibly help to make our world a little more peaceful and beautiful; supporting the handmade community, I believe, is a step toward achieving these things.

I made this Etsy treasury to be in the mood of an Arcadian type of lifestyle, which goes right along with my post “Are you and an Arcadian or a Utopian?”

Here’s the link to the treasury.


And here are three of my favorite pieces.

Crocheted Lace Stone by Monicaj

Ceramic Drinking Cups by Artet Manufacture

Golden Landscape Photograph by Molly’s Muses

Fae is on my hip, rocking side to side, patting me and saying “tss, tss,” which means “nurse.”


4 responses to “Arcadian, Treasury

  1. I love how you create these treasuries! It is almost like an elegant form of Pinterest. Such a great concept. I may do some promoting myself, and link back to you. It is so cute that Fae is verbalizing her desire to nurse. Jehryn makes the ASL sign for milk, but I am looking forward to hearing his indication. 🙂

    • Thanks. I read often about choosing a word other than “nurse” for nursing to avoid embarassment in public. But I just couldn’t bring myself to make up a nickname and instead decided to just be honest–with Fae and with the world. So, if at 3 years old she demands to nurse in public (which is fine with me), It’ll just show the world that toddlers like to nurse.

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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