It was a nice surprise last night to see that my new children’s online shop, Fae Arbor, was featured on the New England Artisans Gathering blog. I’m very appreciative.

“Featured Shop… Fae Arbor”

I’m also appreciative of my sweet little daughter’s growing communication skills. She’s saying so much these days, and beginning to pronounce things so well. She often makes me laugh–her giddy little personality is emerging so clearly now as she learns how to speak. This morning, taking a break from play to nurse, Fae (after quickly finishing one side and while sitting upright on my lap) looked up at me and exclaimed, “Mmm!” It’s not a good example of her many words and phrases, but–wow–she can be so expressive and clear.

Here’s my daughter in a Silk Petal Skirt and a Wool Halo from my shop:

Fae is nap-nursing on my lap, as per usual when I’m writing, and I’ve realized that I’ve typed about 90% of this blog with one hand.


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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