Fae at 14 Months, an Earthquake, and Life Details

This past week Fae turned 14 months old, Jared had a birthday, and we felt an Earthquake–just a small one, but they’re rare for New England (add that to our list of odd occurrences lately). We’ve been spending time appreciating nature, in between working and reading. Autumn in New England is spectacular, but ever so short. It’s important for us to soak it up because it ends as quickly as it begins.

An after-walk nap

I’ll share a few details of our lives lately.

We’ve been listening to Medieval Music. I seem to have always been fascinated by the Middle Ages, my husband too. If we had the means, we’d be found in a castle of our own on a hilltop, sitting next to a roaring fire, having a honey-wine and cheese feast with our loved ones, listening to this music preformed live–as Fae dances around us of course.

I’ve been cutting and sewing for my Fae Arbor shop: I’m in a making-phase, and during these times my daughter is often playing between my legs, or snuggling her dolls and saying “aww.”

We’ve been walking to the library often and taking out way too many books. Jared’s been in search of the perfect fantasy novel (“which I can’t find and instead am reading Philip Roth,” he says), and I’ve been obsessed with the spirituality section. And I’m still working my way through the Bible–a piece of literature that fascinates me if only (but not only) due to the age of the texts alone.

Fae likes to pretend, sometimes over her shoes, that she’s putting socks on. She also loves using a cloth (or a catnip sack) to clean the floor and table. She only ever seems to “read” multiple books at once. She’ll cover the floor with partially read books, and move from one to the next. We’re not sure if she learned this from us, or if it’s in her blood. She also likes to sit in baskets.

Fae crawled over last night asking for “ck,” her word for chocolate (and book, music, or truck). I’m happy that Jared and I like the 90% dark. She also asks for water (“wawa”), to go for a walk (“a wa, a wa”), and for Daddy to play guitar (“ck” again). She points out dogs, kitties, trees, flowers, the moon, and planes. And she demands, but usually doesn’t get, our coffee, wine, and anything electronic.

We’re still taking our family showers, and since we’ve begun I get to take a shower every night instead of every few days. It’s also a simple way to clean Fae off after dinner.

And, with the sun setting earlier, we’re enjoying long, and pleasure filled, nights.

Here’s some Medieval music (I can’t speak to its authenticity) that we enjoy.

Fae is being ridiculous on the living room floor. She’s scooting on her knees with her arms up high, falling forward on purpose, and then cracking up.

Fae’s First Birthday and Turning 13 Months


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