Hurricane Day

It’s hurricane day today. I don’t think that hurricane Sandy will actually hit us. But, local schools have been canceled, and people are prepared for a power outage. I love intense weather–I always have. It marks particular days in my memory. Storms and blizzards bring a feeling of pure, powerful nature, and I truly appreciate it. I love the immense energy of storms, their ominous mood, and how they’re so (strangely)peaceful. Wind and water are my favorite elements, and storms are aligned with my deepest interests–things that are a little strange, intensely beautiful, powerful, uncontrollable, and often slightly eerie.

Fae is looking out the window, watching the trees and leaves blow in the wind. My husband is washing the dishes, and I’m about to cook a really early dinner because our lights just flashed off and on.


2 responses to “Hurricane Day

  1. You write that which inspires the spirit of your readers — uplifting us with your thoughts and impressions that look at the positive amidst what seems to be negative. Because of this, I am nominating you among others to the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” Check out for details. Congratulations! 🙂

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