Fae, at 16 Months


When Fae wakes up in the morning, her hair–as Jared says–makes her look like a Japanese Anime character. She whines a little and stretches. “Good morning, good morning,” I say and pat her back and bum and shower her with kisses. She opens her eyes, smiles, and begins chatting away at whatever she notices. She loves to talk.

Fae also has a new love for walking, and for chasing the cat around while shaking a ribbon and laughing a new laugh that she developed specifically for this game.

She loves to play her own made-up games. I’ll be sitting on the floor, and Fae will snuggle into my back and say “baby,” because she wants me to ask “where’s my baby?” She then, after delayed moments of quiet giggling, rushes to my side and yells “ahhh!” This is a new version of a game she developed from one that Jared used to play with her while she was an infant.

She likes to play Daddy’s guitar, while it’s leaning in the corner. She actually strums and finger-picks the strings, and will say “Dadda” as she plays.

She sings along to music–well, it’s more like humming mixed with sweet little half-words. And she’s completely wild when it comes to dancing. Any music she hears gets her going, even the gangster rap from the car that passed us on a walk home from the library last night. She really liked that–and it got her humming too.

She loves the word “please,” and smiles when she says it. I find it absolutely adorable how she grinningly mimics our words, and how hard she tries.

If there’s something in her mouth that she’s not supposed to have (usually paper), Jared or I will put our hand out, and to our complete surprise, she’ll take it out of her mouth, say “yuck” or “eh,” and put it in our hand.

If Fae hears one of us in the shower, she’ll cry at the door, like a cat.

If I mention “bath”–and often if I mention “walk”–we hear the word repeated, excitedly, over and over.

Since we have a Christmas tree up, Fae is always asking me to turn the lights on (by saying “yayas”). So the past few days we’ve had a lit tree all day long. Thankfully it’s not at all dry, even though we’ve had it for a month. (We found it and cut it down ourselves near a path that I used to walk on as a teen–so it’s nice and fresh.)

Our tree

Last year Fae was still so tiny. I’d lay her down next to the tree, on the skirt, and she’d admire it. This year our tree is up on a table, out of reach, and she points out her favorite ornaments. She likes the German puffed glass donkey, the Swedish straw goat, and the tiny wooden penguin the most.

Fae, last Christmas

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. I’m excited to see the faces of my husband and daughter (of my whole family really) as they open their carefully chosen gifts. I just love the warmth and excitement of Christmas-time. With a child of my own it’s even more special now.

Me and Fae

Fae Nursing

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