More on My Dream World

In regard to my last post, I’ve been living in a dream world in another way too. I’ve entered the world of Pinterest.

I was hesitant to check out the site for a while, partly due to my extreme visual nature–I was sure that it would just distract me and suck me in. So, I waited for my next research & gathering phase, which recently began.

I work in phases, which suits me. I get bored with projects if I linger on them (or just on one part of them) for too long. It’s best for me to have a planned rhythm and to move along through a project’s stages as I care to. Right now I’m in the first, and it’s almost my favorite (nothing can compete with the pleasure of the final stage). In the beginning, I get to set the tone for the world that I’m to create–one always filled with precise moods, researched details, inspiring philosophies, and, of course, immense beauty (my version of).

I’ve always struggled with technology, or the notion of it, in reference to my work–and life for that matter. I much prefer to be able to do everything solely by hand, and not to have to rely on something that I can’t quite control. My serger has brought me to tears of frustration. Apparently I just can’t seem to handle the feeling of being hindered by a machine in a moment of inspiration. But, I want to learn to be less controlling. I want to learn to let go a little more.

My Serger, Sewing Machine, and Crystal Shelf

So now I’m using Pinterest in the same way I use my folders, my old leather suitcase, and my research book. It’s a further resource that is, and it’s now another place for me to gather and organize those inspiring, project-related images that I find online, alongside any other interesting things that pertain to my lifestyle.

Here’s where you can find me on Pinterest.

This is so incredibly personal to me. I haven’t shared my boards with anyone besides my husband and a few of my favorite bloggers. And I don’t even show people glimpses of what I’m working on, not even my research, until I feel like it speaks for itself–something that constitutes art in my mind. But, this blog is, also, just as close to me, and so totally contrary to my secretive nature. I share more with my readers–whomever you are–than I have with any of my friends, in the past. So I’m happy to share what inspires me, and what I find beautiful with you.

Melissa Naiad

Fae is walking around the living room, playing with her toys, occasionally stopping to peek out the window to watch the snow falling.


2 responses to “More on My Dream World

  1. I love your boards!! I’m following all of them. I can certainly relate to the artist process as coming in phases. I enjoy the dreaming phase as well… though lately I’ve been making it to the final phase more and more often! Yay! 🙂

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