Being at Peace in the Present Time

In past years I’ve experienced some melancholic moods due to my “Arcadian” nature, feeling that I belong to a past time and place, where maybe I’d feel more at home, would experience more beauty, and would certainly (at least) feel more understood.

But it’s easy to romanticize the past, and I’ve never done it without an understanding of the hardships of earlier eras. I’m not naive. I’ve seen, felt, and thought too much for that. Life could be so much easier without all of the over-analyzing, but it certainly wouldn’t feel as rich. Anyway, I know that the past had its challenges, but there were times in my opinion when people felt themselves to be more deeply rooted to their culture, to nature, to God, and were more appreciative of the beauty of life and the world.

At America's Stonehenge, Salem, NH

Lately I’ve noticed that I no longer waste time mourning the fact that the world is so different, and feels so far from, nature. I’m instead more at peace with the present (finally) and realize that life is what I make it. I don’t mean to come across as though I’ve recently had some big revelation. Things don’t quite work that way for me. My understandings are more gradual, and rooted in experience and study. I’ve just put a lot of thought into my lifestyle, and am now living proof that “way-of-life” is simply a choice, and not something that’s (necessarily, or fully) time-dependant.

So I’ve happily been integrating a little of the old-world into my modern life. These things take time, but lifestyle changes generally do, and I’m having wonderful results (and I plan to go quite a bit farther). I’m doing this in search of the most peaceful, beautiful, healthy, spiritual, and close-to-nature lifestyle that I can find–or create–for my little family.

Family Portrait in the Shower

As this is a personal lifestyle blog, I’ll continue to share what I’m integrating into my life. This is a journey so extremely close to my heart, and it started with my family. I feel very positive about the decisions that my husband and I are making–the path that we’re chiseling out for ourselves. This is not only going to be a beautiful year, but a turning point, filled with great and conscious change.

Fae is playing with clothes–one of her favorite things to do.

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