Walking in the Winter for Peace

Every day I attempt to take a long walk with my daughter. Sometimes we stay in because the sidewalks haven’t been plowed, or maybe because it’s twenty below and windy, or maybe I’ve just gotten too caught up in a cleaning or re-arranging project. But we almost always get outside.

Today on our walk (home from the library, this time) I felt so much peace around me. There was a calmness in the air. The sound of the melting snow falling from the roofs re-created for me the soothing feeling that I get from my fan turned on high during the summer nights. The birds were chatting, surely in relief due to the break in the cold weather. And I saw a sweet cat sitting on his porch, just enjoying the beautiful day.

As I walked, with Fae strapped to me in her mei tai carrier nursing peacefully to sleep, I thought about how I actually made it through a turbulent New England winter without continually dreaming of summer. Yes, I’ve dreamed of it some, but not nearly to the extent I have in years past. This winter has been different. And I can’t help but assume that it’s because of these walks.

I’ve always loved and respected nature. But now, being in the routine of spending quality time outside (and just about every day, even during the cold winter months) I’ve learned just how valuable it is, and even necessary. I can feel the rhythm of the seasons even more. And I’ve realized just how blissful, incredibly solid, and absolutely securing the outside atmosphere is. Nature just centers me, always.

Wordsworth Quote by Naiad and the Moon of

Fae is rolling around on the ground, singing along to “Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John.

4 responses to “Walking in the Winter for Peace

  1. Being away from nature is unnatural. If you haven’t ever been out to the Massabessic area out in Auburn, it’s pretty great. Especially for how close it is to us. I’m due for some walks out there, I go crazy if I don’t get out of the city.

    • I’ll have to take Fae out there. We’re also hoping to go visit some farms now that the snow is beginning to melt. And I can’t wait to go up North to spend some time in the mountains this summer.

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