Struggling with the Spring

Even though it’s been spring for weeks, it’s only now beginning to feel like it. I guess we’re having a late spring here in New England, which isn’t all that unusual, but it does make it challenging for me to keep my mind from wandering, to other, distant states, for instance, and making plans of settling down in a warmer climate.

I do love New Hampshire though. I’m lucky enough to have grown up here (I often think that the only people in New England are the ones who have), and I just feel like I know the place. We’re not settled here, but it sure feels like home (the state, not so much our apartment, with no closets and an oven that cooks too hot). I’m not sure where we’ll choose to buy our land–it very well could be here–it’s just a bit too far away to tell. At present, however, my dreams of ubiquitous barefoot babies, mini-skirts, and outside-living remain unfulfilled. But anyways, I am thankful for the seasons, even though they can be extreme, and truly do love my home-state.


While writing this post, with a napping toddler next to me on the couch, the weather went from (finally) warm and sunny, to extremely windy and rainy. I’m taking that as a gift, though. Windstorms always seems to warm my heart.

Also, I just started my Facebook page. You can check it out here. And I’ve added a new blog page, About My Blog. As always, thank you for reading.


4 responses to “Struggling with the Spring

  1. We live in Ottawa (capital of Canada) and we finally just had A warmish day! At least it was rainy today and washed away a lot of the left over snow and gross! I can’t wait for all the brilliant green to start!

  2. Hello from Melbourne Australia where we are FINALLY saying goodbye to a hot, hot, hot summer! Love living in a place where the heating can be turned on in the morning and the aircon in the arvo!

    • We’re definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum right now. I can’t wait for our hot weather, but I know that I’ll be happy to see fall come when it does, as usual.

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