An Alternative Life

My lifestyle seems so different from others’, but I know that there are many people out there living similarly, and even more who are actually living that lifestyle that I’m trying to achieve. I don’t feel special or unique for taking an alternate approach. I’m not doing this to be different. It’s just a personal decision based on my own (and my husband’s) truest desires. We simply want what we want–and all of it natural, Earth-friendly, in many ways traditional. And we’re going to make it happen.

Jared and I dream of a simple life: eating purely, homesteading & homeschooling, being more self-sustaining. We want to see the results of what we’re putting our hope and energy into. And we absolutely don’t want to be part of the problem. We’re not naive of the coming challenges. We expect them. But we want these challenges to be real, having to do with our basic human nature.

Nietzsche Quote by Naiad and the Moon of

It shouldn’t be so hard to live a natural life. But it’s taking an immense amount of time and research–like pouring over mundane details (like food labels and building codes). We still have so far to go before we feel satisfied (and proud). But looking back a few years, to when we thought we ate healthy and cared for the environment, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come. I’m truly motivated. And I can talk Jared’s ear off when making plans for our future. It’ll be a big journey–it already has been–but it’s incredibly exciting to think of, and I’m sure of its reality.

Fae is half-naked in our newly re-arranged (once again) living room, eating a piece of cold turkey.

7 responses to “An Alternative Life

  1. Hi Melissa! I truly love reading your blog and find it incredibly inspiring. I am hoping to start my own family in the near future and hope to live the same life style you have created for your family! I believe in it through and through!

    • Aww, thanks so much Bekah! It’s so nice to hear about other people wanting and living the same lifestyle that I’ve chosen. This road can feel lonely at times, so I’m always incredibly happy to get a comment like yours. ♥

  2. I recently read a book by a midwife called “arms wide open: a midwife’s journey” by Patricia Harman. I think you’d really like you. Especially the stories about living off the land in the woods in the 70’s.

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