At the Farm with Fae

Fae loves animals–and animals love her. I like to show Fae animals in their natural environments, so she’s witnessed countless dogs, cats, squirrels, crows, hawks and robins–animals we often see and I point out on our walks. Jared and I have taken her to a farm to see pastured cows, and just today my mom and I took her to another farm. To my delight, they had sheep.

Fae and a Sheep

In the future (the very near future I hope), once Jared and I have bought our piece of land and set up a small home, I plan to get a few sheep. This is something that I’ve wanted to do since long before Jared and I married (so he’s had to go along with it). I love sheep (I mentioned my love for them here). I love their wool, their attitudes and character, and I love raw sheep’s milk cheddar cheese. As an animal lover myself, I just honestly appreciate the company of animals, and I’ll be happy to make a place for some at our future homestead.

Sheep at Joppa Hill Farm

Goat at Joppa Hill Farm

Fae, calling to the peacock the same way that she calls for our kitty.

Fae, calling to the peacock the same way that she calls for our kitty.

It was a beautiful day to visit the farm. And I couldn’t keep my mind from drifting to how I’ve always envisioned my children growing up: in grassy meadows, on hilltops, in the forest, walking along a brook, and just soaking in the natural world (just as I did). It felt amazing to watch Fae walk around the farm and communicate with the animals. A day like today gives me even more motivation to make my dream happen.

Fae on a Hill

Jared is reading to Fae out of her new Mother Goose book–one that I chose from many for it’s beautiful illustrations by Gyo Fujikawa.


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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