A Love for Coconuts

I mentioned a while back that I didn’t like coconuts but that I planned to. Well, it’s happened. I love coconuts now. I had liked coconut water, but I would drink peach mango coconut water, not plain. I think back a few years, and I’m completely amazed at how my tastes have evolved–and proud of the fact. I always liked salads, vegetables, and a lot of good real food–that’s not what’s changed. You see, I also could eat milk chocolate, or sprinkle raw sugar on my plantains and strawberries, or put a spoonful of honey in my coffee, or drink a cup of sweet tea lemonade. Now, I find that stuff too sweet. And instead I’m able to taste all of the delicious natural sweetness and flavors of unsweetened food. Which is, I think, why now I can enjoy coconut so much.

And with my new love for coconut, I’m finding more ways to eat it, like sprinkling dried coconut on our salads, using coconut milk in my smoothies, cooking with coconut oil, and just eating dehydrated or fresh coconut meat.

Coconut on salad

Fae loves coconut too, but I haven’t had to re-train her taste buds like I have mine. She’s never had any added sweeteners, not even natural ones. I just see no point in it. And from all that I’ve read, there is no point. Part of me was happy that she didn’t like her maple cream cheese frosting on her first birthday paleo carrot cupcakes. I’m not depriving her, I’m just raising her as healthy as I can. Her meals are solely my and my husband’s responsibility while she’s so young. It’s also our responsibility to teach her about food, and why we choose the foods that we do, and prepare them as we do. Our hopes are that she’ll be well enough informed when she becomes old enough to prepare her own meals, that she’ll be able make good choices. And if she wants to experiment with other not-so-healthy foods when she’s older, she will, but I believe that she’ll eventually come back around to real foods if she does. And I know that at the very least, I’m giving her a solid, healthy start.

Fae's first birthday

Fae is tearing through my mom’s kitchen, and now following the cat.


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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