Mother Goose

I think of the Mother Goose stories and rhymes as somewhat old fashion, a little politically incorrect (which is just fine with me), and just beautiful to the ears. As I read them I’m cast back into my childhood, and hear them the same way that I did then. Though now I realize their actual meanings, I’m reminded of the personal meanings that I ascribed to them at such a young age. I find the verses grounding–rooted in a more traditional time–silly, and sweet. I like how they’re not censored, like so much of our media today. They portray life in a fantastical way, rough and challenging, but dreamy and beautiful–how I tend to see life.

Mother Goose book

Jared and I picked out a copy of the Mother Goose stories for Fae a couple of weeks ago. I had been browsing for a little while before I could settle on a copy. The illustrations, cover art, and the overall aesthetic of books–or anything material for that matter–are very important to me, and just as important to Jared. We appreciate beauty and quality, and with our somewhat minimalist lifestyle (but certainly rich!), anything that we bring into our home (ideally–it’s a work in progress) ought to fit certain standards: of beauty, of closeness to nature, and of usefulness. These articles also should to be made with care. These qualifications aren’t only for us, they’re for our daughter, and partake of our vision of a more natural, simple, and beautiful lifestyle for our family.

We chose a Mother Goose book illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa, who I later found out illustrated some of the books that my mom had chosen for my sisters and me-I clearly remember one but can’t seem to recall the title. He draws both color and black and white images, and the figures and animals are expressive, but in such a gentle way. The colors are a mix of muted, soft, deep, and strong hues. I always appreciate it when illustrators take the care to develop their palate with rich but gentle shades of color, instead of using the basic color-wheel hues.

I see the moon and te moon sees me

The book is lovely, and Fae seems to enjoy it just as much as I do. It seems endless to read, with all of the little verses; we still haven’t gotten through all of them.

Gyo Fujikawa

Mother Goose made another entrance into our lives in different way last weekend. My soon-to-be sister-in-law passed on to Fae a soft Mother Goose toy. It’s a goose filled with little stuffed images and has a little fabric book-set of the more classic rhymes. This little gift touched my heart because I’m so careful about what I give Fae to play with, and when someone close to me takes part in my vision for her, and chooses something that I would, I know–or assume–that they respect what I’m doing.

This toy is adorable, helps with story-telling, and Fae loves it. One book, and one toy, can provide so much. They’re welcome additions to our home.

My little daughter is still sleeping in our bed. We have two full-size mattresses laid next to each other where the three of us sleep–Fae on one end, Jared on the other, and me in the middle. It’s not perfect–we’d rather have a king–but it works just fine for us.


2 responses to “Mother Goose

  1. I had forgotten about Mother Goose! I had a copy growing up and am now curious whether or not my parents kept it. They will soon be visiting from several states away, so I will have to ask them. This post brought back some warm childhood memories. Thank you!

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