Cat Naps

No matter how challenging life can become, I always find so much joy in my daughter and my cat. Fae and Fia have become good friends and often nap together. I find it completely precious. My napping baby is sweet enough to melt my heart, but with the addition of my napping kitty I’m brought even more delight.

Fae and Fia napping after a walk

Cat nap

Napping back to back

Fae is sleeping (next to Fia incidentally) and it’s raining again. I love the rain. It feels to me like being wrapped up in a blanket. And I’m thankful for it.

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6 responses to “Cat Naps

  1. So cute! Our cat Bender would NEVER! He secretly likes when Eva follows him around, but most of the time hides from her under the couch or in our room;) He’s got a bad attitude! He’s basically an aging rock star at this point. (When we first brought Ollie home, he developed 3 giant bald patches on his side!)

      • My husband found Bender under a dumpster behind his work. He is declawed (front and back) and never would have gotten there by himself. It took him a long time to trust us, but he gave in! He’s still got a bad attitude, but he’s a good guy;)

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