Leaving it up to Faith

The worst is over. It seems as though Jared is recovering from the OCD. And I’m so thankful. I’ve felt so unexpectedly weak through all of this. It’s the fifth night that he’s been in the hospital, and I’m just now beginning to feel alright. I’m at least falling into a routine, which makes the days flow a bit easier. But it’s been such a challenge to deal with my emotions.

I know that he’ll come out from this feeling better than he has in quite some time. So I’m not sure why it’s been so hard on me. I assume it’s just built up emotions and a loss of energy from having to stay strong and hopeful through all of his ups and downs. It’s been a challenging journey.

But, I’m even more hopeful that ever. I’ve never lost hope. And I’m just leaving everything up to faith. I can’t hold onto the struggle anymore. I’m just letting it go and trusting that he’ll be healed.

Leaving it up to Faith

Fae is sleeping next to me while Fia plays with her catnip.


2 responses to “Leaving it up to Faith

  1. Stay strong and take solace in the fact that he was willing and able to get help. Work at this together and your family will come out stronger on the other side:)

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