Profound Love

Our anniversary is more special to me than our birthdays. Today is our day, together. A day that marks our beginning (also a beginning-less beginning).

Midsummer's Eve Wedding Alter

Caleb Cole photography

My husband and I are solid. We’re genuinely thankful for that each day. I often think about how grateful I am to have such a deep bond with my lover. A marriage can be hard work, but for us it’s been our security–our peace-of-mind if you will.

As I mentioned last year, it’s quite possible that our strong marriage is what’s helped us to question everything, and shake life up a bit. We’ve spent lengthy conversations discussing what we truly want, and what we certainly don’t want. We’ve aligned our stars to a common destiny, and we’ve begun to see the outcome. Our sweet little daughter–our hearts’ delight–is one such outcome, and the most certain.

Our Midsummer's Eve Wedding

Caleb Cole photography

Tonight we’ll be celebrating our endless love–our love that feels unexpectedly profound.


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