Summer Solstice

The solstices measure time for Jared and me. We became a couple on a winter solstice, and got married on a summer solstice. These days are special to me, not only because of that, but because they remind me of the splendor of nature. I love the natural holidays–days that are special because of the sun, the seasons, or even the moon. I merrily celebrate the turning of the seasons, and am known to make a special toast during a faerie moon night, too. These days are just saturated in the vastness and importance of nature, and they call to my soul.

I’m looking forward to the year to come. It will be filled with blessings, surprises, challenges, and choices–as always. But I feel prepared–Jared and I both. We’ve braved a lot so far, and have always come out stronger. I do feel that we’re on the appropriate path for us, heading towards our dreams–our much discussed and planned dreams. May this coming year be all that I hope it will.

Caleb Cole photography

Caleb Cole photography

Happy Summer Solstice!

Autumn Equinox


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