Fae, before 2

Fae is coming up on her second birthday. She’s made Jared and me more proud and brought us more delight than we ever could have anticipated. She’s incredibly passionate, exceptionally determined, wild-hearted, sweet and affectionate, silly, loving, and bright. We still see the same attributes that she had her first few weeks of life, but with each turn of the season, we see her personality flourish. My daughter is so dear to me–I’m just so excited for her second birthday.

Here are some photos from the past couple seasons that I feel truly capture her essence as of late.

Fae with a doll

Fae spends a lot of time playing with her dolls.

Fae with a puppy

She absolutely loves animals, especially her aunt’s puppy.

Fae Nursing

She still loves to nurse, and seems to do so just as often as ever.

Fae playing dress-up

She likes to wear my panties. This happens just about every day.

Fae our wildling

This is my husband’s favorite picture of her–our little wildling true to heart.

Fae and Fia

Fia often naps with Fae now that I usually sneak away to get work done.

Fae before 2

It’s been an overwhelmingly inconceivable–and certainly life-changing–two years with my little girl. I feel quite fortunate.

Fae is walking around wearing a satin ribbon and my measuring tape as sashes, as she sings her offhand songs about what she sees and what she’s doing.

Fae, at 18 months

6 responses to “Fae, before 2

  1. We have 1 girl and 4 boys. I wouldn’t change any of it. Girls are special as they are, but to have only one allows more focus on that overwhelming special-ness!

  2. These are fantastic photos! She just glows. It is clear that you let her live life fully. I love that she still nurses often. Jehryn does the same at 18 months, and I’m looking forward to continuing that aspect of our relationship.

    • She certainly does live life fully. I remember back when I was pregnant while reading about nursing. I used to wonder if my baby would just stop nursing at some point–I was afraid that I’d want to keep going longer but that my baby wouldn’t. I’m so thankful that that’s not the case. Nursing is still so much a part of her day, that now I can just relax and know that she’ll probably just slowly wean herself whenever she’s ready–and probably not anytime soon. I’m happy we’ve made it to the recommended minimum 2 year mark.

  3. The panties! Eva goes for the bra’s and just like Fae, hangs them around her neck! She will also add her bathing suit top, and any ribbon, string, or necklace she can get her hands on!

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