Another Waldorf Doll

Fae’s second birthday present just arrived in the mail and I couldn’t be more pleased. I ordered her a custom 14 inch Waldorf doll, from Chestnut Dolls on Etsy. The quality is immaculate and her look is just so sweet. Fae loves dolls–more than any other playthings–so I know that she’ll be happy to see this on her birthday evening. Chestnut Dolls Waldorf Doll Chestnut Dolls Waldorf Doll Outfit I may be starting a new tradition here–of Waldorf dolls for birthdays–since last year I ordered her one from Wild Wood Wee Folk on Etsy. Fae’s birthdays are extremely special to me, and I’m celebrating them with certain traditions (Waldorf-inspired traditions): we set up a birthday ring on the evening of her birthday, and she also gets to wear a wool crown that I’ve made.

I’ve embraced the Waldorf way of education and lifestyle with my daughter. I’ve found that it blends right in with what I’d already chosen was best for us. It ties in with our morals and dreams. It supports our already existing lifestyle, but will push me even further in that direction, and will challenge me to stay true to my beliefs. Jared, Fae, and her Waldorf Doll


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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