Fae’s Second Birthday

Fae’s second birthday was as magical as I could make it. I sung “the birthday song” to her throughout the day, we played and read stories, and I just tried to focus all of my attention on her.

Fae at 2


My husband and I had prepared a little celebration for our daughter in the evening. She wore her new birthday crown that I made her, we lit the candles in her birthday ring, and she opened her carefully chosen gifts while the sun began to set.

Pre-present Snack

She was very interested in her birthday ring, and especially liked the candles and crystals.

Admiring the Ring

Noticing the Candles

We got her some beautiful wooden toys: an Ostheimer fawn, a set of trees, a set of mushrooms, a rainbow stacker, and a wave stacker. And we also got her an Elsa Beskow book, and a picture book on animal families.

Wooden Trees.

Rainbow Stacker.

I made her a doll sling and ordered her a custom-made Waldorf doll. She said “doll” before she opened the package. We figure she must either be bright, knowing that a doll would go with the sling, or she’s a little psychic. I think she’s both bright and psychic.

Opening her doll

Waldorf doll

She was so happy to see her new Waldorf doll. It was a lovely day to turn two.


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