Deciding on a Second Child

I remember the moment that Jared and I decided to actually begin trying for a second child. We were walking to the post office from our car with Fae, carrying some packages that I needed to mail for my shop, Fae Arbor. We were observing how child-like, and not so baby-like, our little girl has become.

As a side note–there’s just something about walking with my husband. That’s when we really talk. That’s when we dream up our plans (or, more appropriately, I dream them up and convince Jared of them). Walking with my husband always seems to spark unplanned conversations about anything. It’s when a lot of our inspirations come.

I was telling Jared how I could feel a baby around me. And how surprisingly strong it felt. I thought it was interesting how I happened to notice it around the time that we originally thought we’d start trying for another, and how this baby must be ready to come into the world. I let Jared know that I didn’t want to push-off having children just because we didn’t know what to expect with his moods. So he said something along the line of, “me too, let’s have another.”

Jared and Baby Fae

It turns out that the baby that I was feeling around me was already (just barely) growing inside of me.

It’s truly amazing how the world (nature, God, the universe) works sometimes.

Deciding on a Second Child

Fae is napping on her new Waldorf doll with her little bum sticking up in the air and her two ponytails askew.


2 responses to “Deciding on a Second Child

  1. That’s so funny, because when we finally made the decision to try for Eva, we waited for my next period to start counting the days, but it never came! She knew we were ready;)

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