Wild Christmas Tree

There’s something so romantic about a Christmas tree. I remember my family’s Christmas trees from when I was young. They always stood there, barbaric yet sweet, with such a strong presence. Having a tree in the house felt mythical and filled the room with wonderment. And decorating it was incredibly exciting for my sisters and I. It’d be a family affair, taking up the whole evening. Unwrapping all of the unique little ornaments and carefully placing them on the tree would make my heart race. I found them to be so special–since only getting to see them once a year.

Wild Christmas Tree 1

Bringing a piece of nature indoors always seems to carry with it a touch of enchantment. I want to stay aware of the magic that a Christmas tree can have, for my daughter, my expected son, and for Jared and me. I want Christmas to keep feeling significant. I appreciate tradition whole-heartedly, and I want to give my children what I had. I want to continue with rhythmic holidays that honor nature, and I want to remember the story of why we’re celebrating.

Wild Christmas Tree 2

Wild Christmas Tree 4

This year–as we did last year–we hunted for our tree in the wild, and cut it down ourselves. (We’re lucky to live in a state with so much woodland that it’s easy for us to do this.) It just felt so good to go outdoors to get a tree, all bundled up, and have to hike around a little to find one. I have it in my mind that somehow this new little tradition will add to the enchantment of Christmas, and I think that it has so far. It has certainly felt more special, and–at the very least–has created a nice afternoon for our family.

Wild Christmas Tree 3

Fae is dancing around in circles singing Christmas songs in a cozy pink outfit.


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