Back on the Internet

I spilled hot water from the tea kettle on my computer in the beginning of December. I went weeks without easy access to the internet, and without my notes of lists and plans (small and huge). I have to admit that it felt slightly nice to be without the distraction of a computer–especially during the holidays (which were spectacular this year). But, luckily, Jared and I were able to have the old hard-drive installed into a newer netbook. So now I’m back–in the internet world–with an even nicer little netbook computer, and without having lost anything.

In the past few weeks I’ve been putting more time into my Etsy shop, Fae Arbor. With today marking the start of my third trimester, I’m hurrying to get my shop stocked-up before I give birth. I dug out my pattern-making supplies and made an adorable pattern for baby booties–a nice item to help round out my shop. I’ve also started making wool longies in addition to the soakers, and wool sleep sacks.

Fae Arbor Wool Booties

I’ve been struggling with keeping my nesting instinct at bay until we move into our new apartment. It’s been difficult to not be able to picture the home that I’m going to give birth to this new baby in.  I always feel best when I’m grounded, so this has been pushing me a little off-balance, and causing my emotions to run a bit wild. But I’ve kept myself busy spending these cold winter days tending to my daughter–knowing that there will only be three more months where I’m able to solely focus on her during the day. The thought brings me back to my midwife’s advice to Jared and I, a few months before Fae was born, to try to spend quality time together before the birth because we’ll never have that time again. It sounds like such an obvious thing, but life does change dramatically with a new addition to the family, and in such a powerful, beautiful, unpredictable way. I’m following her advice again, focusing on Fae and Jared, our little family of three, because it will never again be the same.

Jared and Fae

Me and Fae

Fae is napping peacefully on the couch–something that doesn’t happen often anymore. It’ll be a late night tonight, but it’s so nice for me to have an hour or two to focus inward during the day.

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One response to “Back on the Internet

  1. I can’t wait to put those booties on Grey! (Although, they may not fit yet because her feet are so teeny tiny! Especially compared to the block-footed monsters that are her siblings;) I’ll be sure to share a photo on your Facebook page when they arrive!

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