Toddler Valentine’s Day Cards

I’m very selective when it comes to paper. For years I’ve avoided all notebooks and sketchbooks with bright white paper and have instead used Moleskin books, with beautiful smooth, un-bleached, dark ivory pages. I have high standards in material things because I don’t see the point in having something that doesn’t enhance my life in some small way.

So of course I have the same standards for Fae’s things. And with my daughter now being of the age to enjoy drawing (two and a half), I’ve gathered some beautiful materials for her to use–most of them sweetly gifted by family members. She has some beeswax stick crayons, beeswax block crayons, colored pencils that are made from actual tree sticks, a pen, an 11 x 14 pad of high-quality ivory drawing paper, and some blank stationery that is left over from my wedding (but that I’ll be buying more of when it runs out).

Fae mainly colors in her drawing pad–she’s slowly filling it up with winsome little images–but when there’s a holiday in the weeks to come I lay out her blank stationary with some selective colors, and she makes cards.

For this Valentine’s Day I got her some self-inking stamps to try, so this batch of Valentine’s Day cards is a medley of stamps, with crayon and pen scribbles.

Toddler Valentine's Day Cards

Toddler Valentine's Day Cards 2

Toddler Valentine's Day Cards 3

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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