Fae and her Doll-Play

My daughter involves her dolls in her day. She loves to play with them, take care of them, snuggle them, and nap with them. It seems to be her favorite thing to do–even more exciting to her than dress-up, coloring, and playing with her doll house.

Fae and her Doll-Play 3 Fae and her Doll-Play

I rotate a lot of Fae’s toys to keep her play areas fresh, seasonal, and uncluttered. But her favorites, and our most special toys, always stay out. She has four dolls right now that have become very close to her heart, and so remain in our living space and out of the closet. These include: her little doll (a custom Sweat Pea Waldorf doll from Wild Wood Wee Folk on Etsy), which we got her for her first birthday; her baby doll (“Stella” by Manhattan Toys)–a gift from my mom; her girl doll (a 14″ custom Waldorf Doll from Chestnut Dolls on Etsy), which was her second birthday gift; and her newest, Raggedy Ann, gifted by my mom–all of them naked, because that’s how she prefers her dolls to be.

Fae and her Doll-Play 6

The other day Fae asked for pretzels to give to Raggedy Ann. And sometimes a doll will want a tiny tea-cup of water. Yesterday, Fae took her dolls for a long ride in her shopping cart. They often get tucked into her bed for a nap, they get read to, and one of them is usually invited to eat dinner with us, or to come for a walk–they’re all invited into bed to sleep with her at night. Fae often kisses her dolls “goodbye” when we go outside, and sometimes she’ll dress them up in silky scarves as she dresses herself up too. She’ll also let our kitty be a part of her doll-play.

Fae and her Doll-Play 4 Fae and her Doll-Play 5

Fae’s dolls are certainly well-loved.

Fae and her Doll-Play 2

Fae is napping, after we just shoveled the car out of a huge pile of snow from yesterday’s snowstorm. We’ll have to go back out though, because during her nap the plow came back in plowed our car back in. We should probably wait for Daddy to get home to shovel. I think I’m a little too far in my pregnancy to shovel twice in one day.

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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