Wool Wraps

I’ve finally gotten around to making my wool wrap diaper covers–the easiest way to use wool, in my opinion (just lay a folded-up flat or prefold inside, and snap-on). With my new baby about to be born it’s been the perfect time for me to test my patterns. Now that they’re complete, I have: a newborn size wool wrap with a snap-down rise (the wrap snaps down for the umbilical cord area, then can be worn un-snapped once the area is healed); a newborn size with no snap-down rise; a small/medium size; and a medium/large–three sizes to fit birth through potty learning, and no extra bulk like one-size diaper covers have. Again, as with my wool soakers, I wanted an awesome fit, less sizes overall, and simplicity. I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out.

Wool Wraps 2

Fae has had some fun “helping” me–or in a better term–making a mess with snaps. She’s still a little young for full-on sorting (without getting distracted), but at 2 1/2 she’s great with transferring and pouring.

Wool Wraps 3

Wool Wraps 4

Wool Wraps 5

Fia has also enjoyed my work space. And she appears to have gotten a little fat this winter.

Wool Wraps 6

I feel like I’ve made everything that I’ll need–or want–for this new little baby (wool soakers, wool longies, wool wraps, a wool sleep sack, wool-backed nursing pads, wool-only nursing pads, an organic wool blanket, a wool puddle pad, a wool travel changing mat, and some wool booties). And I’m happy to still have my organic cotton sling that I made right before Fae was born.

We’re moving tomorrow morning to a beautiful, new apartment, back in the city (a small city), which surprisingly is exactly what I want. I’ll now be finally able to nest-in–at 35 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t be more excited for that.

My wool wraps will end up in my shop, Fae Arbor–probably post-birth, but maybe a few before.

Wool Wraps

Fae is playing with egg shells while I cook oatcakes for us to eat for breakfast.

2 responses to “Wool Wraps

  1. I was just going to ask you about your wool wraps the other day. I saw you mentioned them on the blog a while back, but they hadn’t yet appeared in your shop. I look forward to trying them out as soon as they’re ready!

    • I’m so excited to get the wraps into the shop as a new item! I absolutely love how they’ve come out. I have 2 newborn sizes made and ready for my shop, but they have an extra layer and will be called overnight wraps. I’ll be making a batch of all three size as soon as we get settled into our new apartment. Some may get listed before our baby arrives, but they may not appear until close to May–depending on when he decides to be born. 🙂

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