With the Arrival of Spring

Jared, Fae and I have settled into our new apartment, back in the city near where we had recently been living since Fae was only 2 months old. We’re now awaiting the arrival of our second child, a son. And we wonder how life will be.

37 weeks

We expect this year to be a fascinating one, filled with enchanted family moments, and progress on our projects. We’ll also be fine-tuning our lifestyle of attempting to live extremely healthy and close to nature, and continually learning, always questioning, and remaining aware. We have exciting events to attend, extensions of our family waiting to be born, decision-making to do, and still so much ambition.

Winter was quiet, and felt as though we were somewhat stuck–waiting and hibernating–as winter in New England often feels. But, with the arrival of spring and moving into our new home, the energy of life–or that of spring–is working with us, propelling us forward towards our desires. Spring seems to feel more like the start of the new year for me, and I’m beginning this year filled with assurance.

37 weeks with Fae

Fae is playing in her new, beautiful play-room, which also functions as my work room, and will turn into her bedroom. We’re so happy in our new home. I finally feel settled in and ready for the home birth. 


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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