Our Greatest Accomplishment

We’ve been in newborn bliss. There’s been a certain air still hanging about in our home, where life has seemed to pause–and where life is honestly felt. I’m not taking anything for granted these days. I’ve been blessed with a new baby boy (almost a month old now), and I’m so very grateful for my daughter and husband.

Me and Fae

Me and Fae

When Fae was born (2 and 2/3 years ago), my husband and I were in a cloud of wonderment. We couldn’t even quite grasp the miracle of having made our first child–the start of our family. We’d pause to stare at her in awe, while adjusting to our new role as parents. It was as though life had just begun–or re-started–for us.

Me and Hawk

Me and Hawk

With Hawk’s birth, we again experienced the amazement, the ecstasy, and the bewilderment of having created this precious little being. But, we now feel a deep satisfaction that we’ve created the family that we wanted. Sure, we may decide to have more children, but right now we’re happy with our two–a boy and a girl. We feel like we’ve accomplished our most important goal–creating our family.


Our family

Our family

Hawk is napping on my lap and Fae is leaning on my legs, asking to see photos of her aunties.

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