Balancing Our Astrological Signs

I’m a water sign, and I feel it.

Astrology made it onto my list of interests some time ago, and I’ve always found that my sun sign, Scorpio, suits me quite well.

My husband, Jared, is a Libra, which is an air sign, and people would be able to guess that he was attributed with air upon spending a day with him. My little Fae is a fire sign, which I’ve mentioned before, and it couldn’t be more obvious to us. Now we have another little air sign, Hawk, and I’m really starting to see how the opposite element ends up being needed in order to help balance people out–at least in my family.

Fae gets wild–a trait that we noticed in her from the very beginning. We love our little “wildling” (with no relation to the Game of Thrones term “wildling”, although I admit that I love that fantasy series). She can get very heated. We often call her our little “fireball” (and then we saw one, in the sky, and I don’t think I’ve called her that much since).

Balancing Astrological Signs 4

Water calms Fae. When she gets really worked up I either calm her down with a wet wash-cloth, wiping away her tears and dampening back her sandy hair, or I fill the bin (my solution for having a standing-only shower) with water. Or, sometimes, I hop in the shower with her. Last night at the end of our shower, which we took because she had a meltdown over (probably) an ant, Fae said to me, “I’m all better, Mumma.” Water makes her feel good.

Balancing Astrological Signs 3

I like to stare at a fire and zone-out, and I never feel more relaxed than while lying in bed during a thunder & lightning storm (I think lightning qualifies as fire).

Jared likes to lie on the ground in the sun, or have a glass of wine, or a book, in his hand. He finds these things grounding.

Balancing Astrological Signs 2

Jared’s mentioned that he can’t get Hawk to calm down and relax on him like he could with Fae. He says he’ll only settle down for me–a little mamma’s boy. But I know that it’s just because Jared’s hair isn’t long enough. Hawk calms down when he can grasp onto something and have his body feel completely supported. I snuggle him onto my shoulder and he’ll grab for my hair. When he finds it, I feel his strong little body melt onto mine.

Balancing Astrological Signs

It’s not that we only need the opposite element to help us to relax. Fae likes campfires too, and I love swimming in the lake, or feeling the wind tangle-up my hair. But, it seems to be the opposite element that we seek out in order to find some equilibrium during a struggle.


2 responses to “Balancing Our Astrological Signs

  1. I love this post! I’ve always been drawn to astrology as well. Barry and I are both water signs (Pisces) and I find that it can be difficult sometimes but also comforting for our fiery little Aries, Ollie. I LOVE that both girls are earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn) because I find they help to keep us grounded. My Pisces nature certainly fuels a love of daydreaming but not necessarily putting into action. Eva is a constant reminder of the real and now, which makes me work that much harder to ensure I bring magic and imagination out of my head and into hers:)

    • I love how children can bring the balance that we need into our homes. Jared and I are calm people with a lot of time spent in our heads, but Fae is so willful, fiery, and in-the-moment that she keeps us in the real world. Fae and I also work well together when it comes to our daily challenges (her meltdowns, lol). When she looses herself, I’m usually there with a gentle voice to help sooth her. I’m really grateful for that.

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