Wooden Baby Gym

Although Hawk prefers my arms over anywhere else, he also loves to lie underneath a toy.

He has an adorable, simple mobile hanging over his changing table that I mounted onto a plant hanger. He’ll smile at it and chat with the soft animals. He loves doing this so much that it got me thinking about baby gyms.

Wooden Baby Gym

I didn’t even consider a baby gym for Fae. All of the gyms that I had seen had been made of plastic and full of loud toys, so I just overlooked them. They didn’t tempt me. Fae also didn’t like to be put down all that often–not even under a mobile. She preferred to be snuggled in her sling.

I searched the internet for “wooden” baby gyms, since my standards of what enters (and stays) in our home needs to either be beautiful or useful (preferably both)–and I try to stick to natural materials. I came across a few, but instead of choosing one to buy, I decided to check in with my dad (a carpenter and excellent craftsman) to see if he’d just make us one.

Wooden Baby Gym 8

I’m so grateful that I did. Hawk now has the most beautiful hand-crafted, cedar baby gym. A perfect addition to our home. And Fae likes it, too.

Wooden Baby Gym 7



3 responses to “Wooden Baby Gym

  1. It’s great that your dad could do that for you! We have a simple wooden one from IKEA. I like that it’s sturdy (especially because E is always trying to ride it;), and that it’s colourful without being loud or gaudy!

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