A Psychic Connection

As I was looking through my videos other day, I was hit by the fact that Fae hasn’t always been talking. I mean, obviously she hasn’t been talking since she was born, but I feel like she’s always communicated to me.

I previously took this as mother’s intuition combined with having a deep enough connection and bond with her to be able to read her almost perfectly. I’ve always known what she’s wanted, and even more precisely, how she’s felt. But now that we’re at the 3 year mark I’ve begun to see how much more this connection actually is.

A Psychic Connection 2

About a year ago, I had my first “other sense” moment with Fae. I felt her breathing.

We were lying in bed, next to each other, in the evening. Fae was asleep. I felt her breathing rhythm inside of me. I was confused and looked over to her wondering. Were we touching? Could I hear her? Was it my breath? It was so strange. I watched her chest rise and fall, matching up with the breath that I felt.

I can only really describe that moment as some sort of mental feeling.

Since Fae has been speaking we’ve often had little psychic moments together. It’s common for her to respond to one of my thoughts. For instance, the other day while rocking my baby boy, Hawk, in my rocker I thought of a song to start singing to Fae, and she began singing it before I could begin.

A Psychic Connection

I’m aware of how perceptive children can be, but some days there are so many psychic (or just connected) instances that I start to wonder if this is a little unique.

It’s all very amusing to me. I’m very open-minded to all things supernatural (and to most things in general). I wonder if this will continue to grow or fade away as she gets older. Maybe it is just mother’s intuition. But it seems to me to be a little more profound.

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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