Sibling Love

I watched Fae fall in love with Hawk as they tandem nursed. She’d gaze into his eyes, grasp his hand in hers, and then slip into a relaxed nursing state–comforted, with her new baby brother in her grip. She welcomed him into her world immediately. She shared me with him so lovingly from the start.

Sibbling Love 3

Hawk finds so much amusement in his sister. He laughs when she hops, dances, and acts silly–of course, as most babes would. But he also calms down at the sight of her when he’s upset. Those eyes of his just stare at hers–into her soul.

Sibbling Love 2

Hawk and Fae have their own connection, separate from me and their father. They’re in love, in their own way, and I find it beautiful.

Sibbling Love

Fae and Hawk are currently snuggling on the bed under a pile of animals and a scarf.

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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