Family Sleeping

I happened to sneak away from my children this morning. I silently slipped out of our full size bed as Jared left for work, leaving Hawk with a full belly, and in somewhat of a superhero cat pose. It’s the same strange way that Fae liked to sleep in her infant year–lying on the side with an arched back, head looking up to the top of the bed. These two children share so many tiny details. It’s odd.

Family Sleeping 2

Fae is snuggled up in her twin size bed that’s also in our room. Our children like us close, just as we like to have them close. We’ve found that we all sleep best in the same room.

I don’t get much sleep at night, but I don’t care. I don’t feel sleep deprived. And I don’t think that I look it either. I make it through each day with so much energy, and feel so healthy, that I’m brought to the conclusion that this is natural for me–that my body and mind have adjusted. Maybe it’s the breastfeeding hormones, or some other aspect of natural motherhood, or even something magical that happened during my children’s homebirths (there was something indescribable that Jared and I experienced during each). I’m open-minded, and sure that we still have so much to learn about birth, babies, breast milk, and mothering.

Family Sleeping 3

3 responses to “Family Sleeping

  1. I think sometimes parents don’t realize that the “extra work” they put into trying to force their babies to sleep through the night, or sleep in their crib, when all they want is to snuggle is what actually makes them so tired. Our kids have their own beds, but we never forced them to sleep in there, we worked them into it gradually. If they sleep soundly, I sleep more soundly, so why fight where they feel safest and most comfortable. It won’t last forever so why not embrace it? Our son is 4 now and barely ever sleeps in our bed. He sleeps through the night, in his big boy bed, diaper free, no soother, and all of those happened gradually and with encouragement, not force. Babies aren’t babies forever. I don’t understand why people are always in such a rush for them to grow up! (I also don’t understand parents who work super hard to break their kids of waking up once a night and then can’t figure out why they pee the bed later! What did you think they were waking up for months after you weened them? Ugh!)

    • I love the nighttime snuggles. I find that I actually sleep much better with my infant snuggled up with me, and my 3 year old close by. I don’t mind nursing throughout the night, and I love it when my daughter climbs into my bed in the morning when my husband leaves for work.

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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