Sexy Reading

My children are playing together–truly playing together. Now that Hawk can crawl, he follows Fae around–and she him–as they explore the living room, work & play room, bedroom, and kitchen. That’s what makes up our third floor apartment–that, combined with a little bathroom (tiny actually), and a balcony that I love (even though it desperately needs a new coating of paint).

Sexy Reading 4

Our current apartment is what I had hoped our next place would be like when I began writing this blog 3 years ago. I have a history of getting what I want–whether it’s due to luck, focus, or somehow attracting what I truly desire, I have no idea–but, over the past few years my husband and I have had serious struggles (none of them being relationship-oriented–we seem as solid as a mountain), and I’ve had moments of wondering if I’d lost my secret ability (I like to think of it as somewhat magical). But, with everything in perspective (we’ve had so many triumphs on top of the struggles), and with new excitements coming our way, I’m very satisfied with the place that we find ourselves in today, and feel quite lucky, actually.

Jared got me a Kindle as one of my Christmas gifts. I told him that I wanted one so that I had a place for all of the sexy, x-rated stuff that I wanted to read. Of course he got me one.

Sexy Reading

I like to master things, as shown in the stories on this blog (although I prefer Jared to be the master). With each new interest of mine I devour knowledge until I feel that I know it. A current new interest of mine is sex and intimacy. And not only the physical part of it, but the psychological aspects of it as well. Our minds are so incredibly tied into sex (how else could I have dream-orgasms?), and I want to learn all about it, or at least the parts that I find sexy. So I’ve added this to my list of current interests, right alongside natural parenting, art & fashion, lifestyle (simple, natural & beautiful), nature, real food, and fantasy.

My blog isn’t about to become X-rated (or even R), although, I can add the modern movie rating system to my list of questionings. I’d much rather prefer my 3-year-old daughter to accidentally see a wild sex scene on screen than a violent one, but that seems flipped around in the world of ratings. Anyways, I write most often about my lifestyle (as a stay-at-home mother trying to live the most beautiful, natural life that I can), but I may just add a glimpse of sexy-ness here and there–seeing as it does pertain to my personal lifestyle blog.

Sexy Reading 2

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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