Being More Bad

Why are garter belts so sexy? Is it merely the fact that when a woman puts one on she feels as though she’s irresistible? That’s how I feel at least. Garter belts scream passion, sex, and late night flirtations. I don’t know why I didn’t own one until a few weeks ago. And I’m so completely in love with my new purchase.

Being More Bad -- Naiad and the Moon of

During my first pregnancy I picked up the book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex by Barbara Keesling. Not that I’ve ever felt that the “good girl” description served me, but it was an impulse-buy at a bookstore, and I was intrigued.

I didn’t get very far into it. I got side-tracked with Ina May Gaskin and breastfeeding books. I picked it up again after my daughter was a few months old and I was finally healed, but I then found The Story of O to read, which was way more exciting. I attempted a third time during my last pregnancy, but, again, the timing just wasn’t right.

Never in the past have I quite come across as a “good girl,” not in Barbara’s terms at least. My husband will agree. I better, in part, fit her description of a “bad girl”–although in her mind a “bad girl” is what we women strive to be, confident and un-ashamed of our sexuality. A “good girl” is more timid, nervous, and self-conscious about her body, a result of adolescent suppression. But I’m always looking to improve myself–I’m certainly not as “bad” as I can be–so I figured I’d give the book a try.

Naiad and the Moon of -- Portrait

Well, I’m determined to read through it this time. And I’ve already gotten something out of it. There’s a beginning exercise that specifies to toss any undergarments that aren’t sexy. Done. That was pretty damn easy. I didn’t have much to get rid of, but I did take this exercise as an opportunity to add in some new things–like my garter belt. Now I can wear thigh-highs without the sticky tops. I can wear them the original way–the sultry, seductive, super-sexy way.

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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