Family Bedroom

I have two children (ages 3 1/2 and 1), and I spend all day and night with them every single day. That’s simply what I prefer.

I work from home (during the times that my kids are amused by their carefully selected natural toys–and, of course, each other), and my husband, Jared, and I have perfected the art of date nights whilst having our children amongst us. Yes, we do get out on our own, but that’s more of an occasional experience–often rare, yet I’m working on that.

Family Bedroom -- Naiad and the Moon of -- 5

My baby boy, Hawk, sleeps with me in bed, and we wake up together a few times each night to nurse. I have moments where his warm body is curled into mine, his hand grasping my hair, while my mind floats in-between dreams and consciousness. I wouldn’t trade these dazed, blissful moments for anything–not even sleep, incidentally. I experienced them with my daughter, Fae, as well, and they paint some of the most endearing moments in my (very visual) memory.

Family Bedroom -- Naiad and the Moon of

These days my daughter sleeps with my husband in another bed in our family bedroom. Sometimes I glance over and see Fae draped over Jared’s chest. She loves sharing a bed, and sleeps so deep and peacefully. And it’s great for Jared to get that extra connection with her after working away from home all day.

Family Bedroom -- Naiad and the Moon of -- 2

We love our family bedroom. It’s what we’ve chosen for our young family, and it works so well for us. We’re all conscious of each other throughout the night. Our children feel safe, and Jared and I feel comfortable knowing that.

With each of us–my husband and I–in bed each night with a child and not each other, it could be assumed that we’re not as connected–or connected as often–as we could be. That’s not at all the case. We’ve never been shy of taking advantage of the other comfortable, and not-so-comfortable, places in our home. Our relationship, as I’ve said before, is solid as a rock.

And that’s what we want for our children–a family relationship that is secure, and a beginning to life that’s just as such.

Family Bedroom -- Naiad and the Moon of -- 3

Family Bedroom -- Naiad and the Moon of -- 4

Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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